• TerrariaAsk

    Uh oh!

    October 9, 2015 by TerrariaAsk

    You know.  ZAMF is fun and all.. until you have to start buying skulls.. It's like love at first sight.. then hate at the last. Unless you guys would like to spend days farming skulls and EXP I suggest you stop in your tracks. Glu may have good reviews.. from the people with money. Glu builds up an addiction to a certain game, and that goes the same for ZAMF. Then, it starts making ridiculous prices for in game items. If you want to keep your money.. Please.. stay away from Glu. 

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  • OneStormyNight

    The Zombies Ate My Friends Wiki is not made by, run by or associated with Glu Games Inc. It was made, is operated and gets updated by hardcore ZAMF players and fans like us all for the sake of players and fans like us. We are all simply fans of the Stardom games. Lots of people who use the wiki, particularly those just starting out are uncertain of where they fit in, are unsure of how they can participate. Here's what you can do to participate and contribute to the wiki!

    While it is all choice, decision, and situation, we highly recommend you please sign in and create a user name if you haven't already. Registered users are the ones who have individual user names and often individual user icons. Registering is a relatively easy process that …

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