Kunal Chowmein is Survivor from Episode 3: The Scientist that needs help killing a zombie in his diner.

His appearance will change every time you play Episode 3.


Episode 3: The Scientist

Hey! I got one of those things locked up in my diner! He's an ugly sucker and a lot more powerful that other zombies I've seen. I'll unlock the door if you think you can kill him...

Speech 1.Unlock the door Speech 2.Sorry! No time...

That'll teach the thing to be...uh...un-dead...

Speech (Mention helicopter)

I'll join your friends. Thank you!

Speech No problem

Speech Zombies...

Right...well, she was headed for that diner not far from here... could you see see if she's okay?

Speech 1. I can do that Speech 2. No time!

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